How to use your Derma Roller Home Roller devices

How to Use Your Home Dermaroller ®

For Home Dermaroller C8® & Beauty Mouse® Models

ATTENTION: Please read carefully before use. This contains important information about how to safely use your Home Dermaroller®. To prevent injury, please follow these instructions exactly.

What can I use it for?

The Dermaroller® is designed for epidermal skin improvement and for transdermal delivery (see Transdermal Delivery). It can be used repeatedly for about one hundred twenty five times (125) and will last about one (1) year when used for two (2) applications per week. NEVER use the Home Dermaroller C8® or Beauty Mouse® on children or animals! Do not share your Home Dermaroller®.

The Home Dermaroller C8® and Beauty Mouse® are NOT suitable for treating scars. Scars can only be effectively treated by a trained  medical professional using a Medical Dermaroller® which contains longer and specially designed needles. Click here to find a Trained Medical Provider

Rolling instructions

Warning: Never use the Dermaroller C8® or Beauty Mouse® on inflamed or irritated skin, skin with rashes, infected skin, skin with fungal infections, severe active acne, etc. If you are not sure about your skin condition, first consult your dermatologist or medical provider. 

Warning: Never apply high pressure! Even with higher pressure the micro-needles cannot penetrate any deeper into the epidermis. Even, gentle rolling is all that is needed. Each person's skin differs in sensitivity. Slight tingling or itching may be felt until your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment.

Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory when you start using the Dermaroller® or the Beauty Mouse® on the skin that you start very slowly and carefully.

During the first week, use the Dermaroller C8® or Beauty Mouse® only every third day and then roll only once back and forth. After your skin has become accustomed to needling you can carefully increase the number of rolling movements. You will also notice that the inflammatory reaction will not recur.


Shows which directions to roll your Dermaroller home rollerUsing gentle pressure, roll the Dermaroller® four (4) times over each area in each direction: vertically, horizontally and  diagonally as shown in the adjacent figure. Please keep in mind that the epidermis around the eyes and the upper lip is much thinner and sensitive. Therefore, roll carefully over these areas. You may experience a slightly rougher skin surface after the initial procedures. This is normal and will disappear once the old sticky scales of the stratum corneum are removed by the micro-needles.

The Dermaroller® may be used on all skin parts of the body. Avoid the eye lids and under the eye area! If persistent redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a skin care professional (see footnote).

After each use of the Dermaroller®, apply a good quality moisturizer. You can also use our Natural Line Moisturizer

Care and Storage

Always use the specially designed Dermaroller® roller cleaner that comes with home models. This cleaner is not a sterilizer, it's designed to break down the proteins and oils that gather on your roller after each use. Rubbing alcohol alone does not sterilize a roller or break down skin proteins.

After use, rinse the instrument in hot tap water, shake dry and add 1/4 teaspoon of the specially formulated Home Micro-Needle Effervescent Roller Cleaner into a glass of hot water. Then place roller into the water making sure to cover the needle drum. Let soak for 2-4 hours or overnight. Then take out of water, rise with hot water, and let air dry. Store back in the container. NOTE: Always treat the Dermaroller® gently and avoid any contact with hard objects or surfaces, as this may damage the fine needle tips and potentially injure your skin.

This product is for a single user. It is recommended that none of the Dermaroller® Home devices be shared.

The needles of the Dermaroller C8® improve the epidermal thickness but they are too short to induce new collagen formation in the deeper dermal layers. New collagen formation (CIT) can only be achieved with a Medical Dermaroller® devices. Please consult your medical professional for detailed information about Medical Dermaroller® procedures.


  • Many industrial cleaning agents are aggressive to plastic and steel, and may be subject to corrosion – DO NOT use them. Only use the approved ROLLER CLEANER.
  • Re-sterilization of any Dermaroller® device in an autoclave (steam or dry) or by using ultra-sound is PROHIBITED. The roller and needles will lose their integrity. The needles will lose their sharpness and may detach from the roller potentially causing an injury.

There are no known side-effects from use of the Dermaroller®. All materials are safe for the skin when used as directed. If you experience any persistent skin sensitivity, STOP using the Dermaroller® immediately and consult a skin care specialist.

Dermaroller® and Beauty Mouse® are for single-person use! Never share your roller.

Store them carefully and keep them out of the reach of children!



Female skin (especially the breast, abdomen and thighs) is very sensitive, much more than the facial skin. These skin parts can visibly react (often overreact) very quickly to mechanical stimulation such as with nail scratches, micro-needles, etc. The skin can react and become inflamed releasing histamines that are visible in the form of red streaks, spots or fine blisters. These skin irritations can last for several hours (rarely days) and can be painful.

If you over-roll during your first use, and you have experienced a skin overreaction, you should seek the advice of your medical provider or a dermatologist. Usually an anti-histamine cream provides fast relief. After two (2) weeks, if your skin continues to overreact after each micro-needling treatment, stop using these devices.

"I chose Dermaroller ® due to it's impecable reputation and widespread use throughout Europe. I have seen Dermaroller ® time and time again win awards for standard of care. "
Ira Lee NP
Dermaroller Practitioner
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"As a integrative doctor when I saw what the Dermaroller ® was doing with my patient's energy and the increases blood flow to her face I knew that this was an amazing device. The women that I trained on had major acne scars. "
Jorge Moreno DO
Dermaroller Practitioner
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"My client's, co-workers, and myself are amazed and thrilled with my results. "
Maggie Griffith , HairArts Spa
"I recommend Dermaroller treatments to my friends all the time. "
Tammy H , Medical Dermaroller Patient

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I chose Dermaroller ® due to it's impecable reputation and widespread use throughout Europe. I have seen Dermaroller ® time and time again win awards for standard of care.

As a integrative doctor when I saw what the Dermaroller ® was doing with my patient's energy and the increases blood flow to her face I knew that this was an amazing device. The women that I trained on had major acne scars.